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How much meat will I get? 

A live 300 lb hog yields a hanging weight of 216 lbs (108 lbs per half). Hanging weight  is the weight once the hog is slaughtered and organs are removed. This hanging weight includes the bones, head, cartilage, skin and other bits. Not all of this is edible so once removed you are left with 140-150 lbs (70-75 lbs per half) of meat for your freezer. Though the lard can be rendered and is a great natural cooking oil and the bones can be used to make bone broth and stock. We recommend getting those back as well but it's all up to you. 

What are the cuts? 

Whether half a hog or whole, the meat is the same but quantity is different. Here is a breakdown of the average pounds of cuts half versus whole.  These are estimates and depend completely on the size of the animal processed.

Half Hog: 
Tenderloin: 1 lbs 
Loin/Chops: 12 lbs 
Bacon: 8-10 lbs
Ribs: 3lbs 
Roasts: 12 lbs
Sausage: 6 lbs
Ham: 15 lbs 
Shanks/Hocks: 5 lbs

Depending on the cuts you select, you will get 70-80% of your hanging weight in consumable meat. 

Whole Hog: 
Tenderloin: 2 lbs
Loin/Chops: 24 lbs 
Bacon: 18-20 lbs
Ribs: 6 lbs
Roasts: 24 lbs 
Sausage: 12 lbs 
Ham: 30 lbs 
Shanks/Hocks 10 lbs 

Depending on the cuts, you select, you will get 0-80 % of your hanging weight in consumable meat. 

How much freezer space will I need? 

A general rule is you need 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 lbs of meat. For reverence, the interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic foot. For a half hog you need 3.5 cubic feet and for a whole hog you will need 7 cubic feet.  

How much is it going to cost? 

We Charge $5.00 per pound (hanging weight) plus butcher fees, which vary based on how you chose to have it processed. Processing on average for a whole hog is ~$270, and a half hog on average is $135. A deposit MUST be paid to secure your pig. Your deposit amount will then be deducted from the total once your pork is ready to pick up. The remaining balance is due upon pickup. Pickup is typically 2 weeks after slaughter-this is due to the curing time required for bacon. We will arrange a time/place for pickup, deliver to your location, or we can meet you at the butcher. 

Can you help with butcher and cut-sheet? 

Totally!  You can opt for a standard cut that we have done ourselves OR we can walk you through filling out the form and figuring out the price!

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